Mr Farmer, grass is the basis of your farming income. If you don't use proper grazing techniques and assess your pasture each week, you are losing significant income.

Inaccurate evaluation is costly
Some farmers believe that visual estimation is good enough. Unless well trained, eye assessment of too much pasture is common and explainable by the fact that most of us are optimists. For example, when we assess by eye,  tufts of grass are emphasised in our mental picture. This can give an impression of about 20% more pasture than is really there, causing feed allocation problems.

Dry matter content varies dramatically with seasonal change, and without equipment that can ascertain these changes, there will be major flaws in feed allocation. Typically, you think your stock is getting sufficient, but in fact, they are being short-fed leading to loss of production. Pasturegauge is the only product which can measure seasonal changes of dry matter content in feedstock.
Pasture Measuring Equipment for farmers
Electronic systems are the only way to reliably assess the amount of your pasture because they measure the dry matter in grass, not the height, which is a particularly important feature. PastureGauge© is the worlds most advanced electronic system, with several options to suit various budgets and requirements.
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PastureGauge© measures the amount of pasture in a paddock easily and accurately.
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