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These programs are SHAREWARE (try before you buy)
pasture data is used by OptiFeed, for analytical and statistical information.  PGCom also generates reports from your data that you can view and print.
PGCom gets data from PastureGauge models, and any other pasture measurer (in manual mode). PG Senior screen is shown here. Weather settings are entered by turning the large round control. International settings allow for any geographical requirement.
OptiFeed© is where you get the practical results from your pasture measuring.
o Can be used with or without pasture measuring equipment.
o It lets you to adjust animal numbers and feed allocation by sliders.
o Results are shown in graphical and numeric formats.
o Forecast up to 100 days.
o See instant results of various feed and animal changes that you make on screen.
These softwares run on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system.
PastureGauge© farmers are smart farmers
Waihi, New Zealand
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